Simple, Flexible Money Management.

Put more time into your life and more life into your money with Contour: the prepaid card account that precisely fits how you live today and how you want to live tomorrow. Learn more about how Contour works and select your Personal Account today.


The Convenience of a Debit Card
  • Accepted anywhere Visa® Debit cards are accepted
  • Shop online, send money and more
  • Low fees
  • No credit check required *
*Successful identity verification required.
The Control of a Bank Account
  • Online and mobile money management
  • Automatic Direct Deposit, transfers, paying bills and more
  • Access to cash from ATMs, retail checkouts and bank tellers
  • Get and load up to 5 additional Sub Accounts for yourself, family members and service providers
The Freedom of Cash
  • Load your card with money you already have
  • Budget your money across multiple cards to fit your lifestyle
  • Send and receive money automatically
  • Create Sub Accounts for anyone 13 years and older